SCHWOIT is my blog about anything and everything and has evolved over the past 8 years. In the beginning the site was called “ShadowKnights Round Table” and hosted on my very limited ISP account. There was no PHP support, and ASP was over priced. I thus went with static HTML pages, which were painful to maintain.

After a couple of years the need for a domain name was recognised and being unable to get shadowknight.com or roundtable.com I began looking at a made up word. Quickly I tried sweet.com and then schweet.com, I then decided to use the Australian slang “OI” in the middle and schwoit.com was born.

At that stage I was with a cheap and friendly hosting company that was acceptable at the time. There was PHP support, but no MySQL support on the package I was after. It was at this time that bL0gK33p3r (blog keeper) was born. After a few iterations I had the system doing basically what I wanted.

At this point I got involved in the SEO directories scene with:

    • Artoo Links – SEO Friendly Directory Droid
    • SCHWOIT Directory – SEO Friendly Links
    • Tater Links : Darkside SEO Links

This required PHP and MySQL support. As the previously cheap and friendly hosting company had turned into a 2 bit shop with regular unannounced and unexplained outages that had led to mine an a friends site being down for several days I was not keen to give them the added business. I then opened accounts with MD Web Hosting. Since then all sites have been running flawlessly.

The availability of MySQL then opened the door for a review of what blog system I was using. After evaluating my time commitments I decided that it was time to abort bL0gK33p3r and port to Word Press. This has resulted in the site as it stands today. I have decided not to port the old blogs and comments into Word Press, however they are available at the old SCHWOIT site. Posting is disabled on that part of the site.

December 2007
In December 2007 SCHWOIT.COM was reinvigorated. The site has a new focus on gardening, in particular on raising fruit and vegetables in an urban environment. Although we are in a house a limitation is imposed by virtue of us planning on moving from a rental to our own home next year. As such, we have no desire to improve the soil and garden only to leave the fruits of our labour behind. We are therefore concentrating on cultivating in pots mainly on our front porch. Please join us on the efforts to grow and nurture plants in pots.

January 2012
I have not been able to garden to previous levels for an extremely long time. As a result the site has reverted to it’s previous random role with me blogging about random topics. I am though now on a fitness kick, and my progress is tracked on SCHWOIT Original.

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