The Knee Bones Connected to PAIN!

Last evening I went to the bowling alley as I do each Wednesday night to compete in my doubles league with Bobbie. Pretty much business as usual … that was until the second ball of the first game. Something happened to my left knee during the shot and it was immediately pain filled. Bobbie described my walk off the lanes as imitating a flamingo.

I guess I had that crooked knee walk thing going on. I managed to push through the pain and completed my three games with a 187 average for the set. However, upon trying to sit to change my shoes I realised bending the knee was going to be an issue for a while. My plan was to get the friendly ice-pack onto the knee and elevate as soon as possible and rest it.

Kinetic Pearl

Kinetic Pearl

Having done that though the pain did not subside. I ended up with 3 thin pillows under the knee for sleep but knew every time I moved. I had 2 positions where I could get some very broken sleep. Getting up to answer natures call reminded me further of the weakness. Getting the leg out of bed hurt as did getting up. Once up the pain abates and is actually more comfortable … weirdly.

After giving up trying to sleep at 6:20 am I watered the garden and made a coffee. On 2 occasions my knee tried to cave in. On both occasions I righted myself, but that act induced pain.

I sat to work at 8:30 am. After 20 minutes of sitting at my desk it became too uncomfortable. So I am now working from the bedroom with the leg elevated. Seems to be working at this point.

Hopefully this eases soon, else I will be off to the Doctors. Needless to say my walking quest is on hold.

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