PCA versus RMS

It has occurred to me over the past few weeks that the is mixed messaging within a couple of current advertising campaigns. There are two campaigns being run presently around making smart choices to get home after a night on the town and over indulging in alcoholic beverages. The campaigns are run by:

  • RMS – Roads and Maritime Services (formerly the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA))
  • PCA – Pedestrian Council of Australia

Pedestrian Council of Australia - Never Let A Mate Walk Home Drunk

Pedestrian Council of Australia

The PCA commercial centers on a statistic that 20% of pedestrians killed have a blood alcohol reading of 0.15+, three times the legal driving limit. In other words these individuals are thoroughly shit faced. The core messahge from the add is “Never Let a Mate Walk Home Drunk”. Of course there is a fundamental issue with this, which is that generally people don’t get drunk in isolation.

Roads and Maritime Services - RBT Means You Need a Plan B

Roads and Maritime Services

The RMS “Plan B” campaign is aimed at convincing people that drinking and driving is not an option. It focuses on the fact that there are a lot of opportunities to be intercepted by the NSW Police Force and subject to a random breath test (RBT). The advertisement takes a humorous and positive approach about making decisions about how to get home after a big night out. In the commercial we are shown the individual walking home.

As you can see these two advertisements conflict with one another whilst presenting some valid arguments. Who are we to believe? I think the closing scene of the RTA advertisement is the decider, I mean if your mate is so out of it he can see a Michael Jackson’s sidewalk from Billie Jean then he is beyond any sensibility.

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