Progress to 912,500 Steps for Exercise (Post 1)

This is the first in what will be a regular spot this year. I have set myself a goal of 2,500 steps of dedicated walking as exercise time per day. That is walking to the office or toilet do not count. That represents 912,500 steps in the year. This does not mean that every day I will walk, rather the average over the year needs to equal or exceed the 2,500 paces. I will update these posts on a weekly basis.

Progress is captured using my iPhone with the Pedometer Ultimate App. I will also be sticking with for calorie tracking. I though am not being a Nazi on the intake just yet, too many Christmas leftovers remain!

The table below is a summary of progress to date.

Date Steps Total Steps Days Average
01/01/2013 2,300 2,300 1 2,300.00
02/01/2013 0 2,300 2 1,150.00
03/01/2013 5,748 8,048 3 2,682.67

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