2013 – A New Beginning

As is a tradition on blog sites it is time to write the obligatory resolutions post. I will start by reflecting on 2012. For me 2012 was a year of mixed emotions. On balance I would have to label 2012 as a calamitous year.

2012 was a mix of highs and lows. The highs were:

  • Being recognized by Sophos as the 2012 Partner Engineer of the Year. This award recognized my work on behalf of a marquee account and working collaboratively with Sophos to design and implement a solution that worked within the environment. This was a massive success for us and the reward was greatly appreciated. This also resulted in my first international trip to Pattaya in Thailand, a place I never thought I would go. Unfortunately the timing of the trip coincided with the major low of the year.
  • I was very proud in raising money for the Leukaemia Foundation through participation in the World’s Greatest Shave. Whilst I raised a small amount, it was still more than I had ever raised previously, and I also discovered that I do not mind the bald look.
  • I bowled my highest ever score with a 298 at Shellharbour Bowl. I think it is the highest game since the lanes became a synthetic surface.
  • Through dedication and hard work I had established a healthier lifestyle with daily walks, gym visits and dietary balance. I enjoyed this surprisingly more than I thought I ever would and shed many kilograms.
  • Took part in the Global Corporate Challenge. Though its timing conflicted with the turning point of the year.
  • Successful life altering surgery correcting my urethral stricture issues.
  • Increase in reading of printed literature. I managed to get through a few books last year in what was a rediscovery of reading. This started in the latter part of the year and I felt better for abandoning the Mac/PC/iPad/[insert electronic entertainment device here] for the old book. I feel that too much time within the digital zone was only encouraging mental lethargy, whereas reading a old school book was good for the mind.

2012 though took a massive turn for the worse in May with my Mother being hospitalized. Mum never returned home from the hospital and sadly we lost her in July (the day after I returned from Thailand) due to a recurrence of breast cancer. This flattened me in 2012 and has permanently altered my life. I suddenly lacked motivation to continue with the exercise changes I had made and returned to my old habits.

Work also became more hectic with increased demands for work, and modifications to the way those demands could, should, and would be met due to corporate restructuring. The impact was that I have felt chained to the office chair and forced to do more across a greater number of accounts. This further cemented my return to a sedentary lifestyle with long hours spent at the desk. It also saw the return of poor dietary habits and a definite upswing in coffee ingestion.

Whilst I was still under my original weight in mid December I was up from my lightest. Though I have not braved the scales post festive season I am sure that I am back where I started. It was a good Christmas dinner and left-overs have not been scarce.

Looking forward to 2013 I feel it is a year of recovery from the damage the second half of 2012 has inflicted. I have a new resolve to institute the following changes:

  • Re-establish a healthier lifestyle with daily walks and/or gym visits.
  • Restore dietary balance. In particular:
    • Decreased consumption of less caffeinated beverages, particularly instant coffee. I had this down to one cup a day before I had surgery, but it has crept up again as the work pressure increased.
    • Increased consumption of water. In a directly proportionate manned my water intake has decreased with the upswing in caffeinated beverages.
  • Achieve significant weight loss.
  • Raise money once more by participating in the World’s Greatest Shave.
  • Participate more actively in the Global Corporate Challenge.
  • Read more and combine reading with walking.
  • Enjoy life!

I am also going to set myself a challenge of walking an average of 2,500 steps of dedicated exercise time per day. That is walking to the office or toilet do not count. That represents 912,500 steps in the year. I will be using my iPhone with the Pedometer Ultimate App. I am though tempted to try Map My Walk given the ability to track the diet as well. May use both for a while and compare.

Onward to a positive 2013!

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