Sydney Buses FAILS: Episode 1a

Not so much a blog entry in it’s own right as an addendum to the previous. Sydney Buses have today confirmed the actions of the driver in Sydney Buses FAILS: Episode 1 was acting with no customer service in mind. Today Bobbie made it to her bus to schedule, and the bus arrived as expected. She boarded and took her seat.

The bus pulled out of the station and was stopped at the lights. A gentleman that was running late caught the bus the lights and performed the same actions Bobbie performed last week. The driver in this case opened the doors and allowed the passenger aboard. This proves that the driver encountered by Bobbie has their head firmly planted in their rectum!

I congratulate the driver of the 47x at hh:mm for their actions today, it is indeed a rare occurrence that such empathy is shown by an employee on NSW public transport.

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