An Update At Last

Well it has been an eternity since i felt like blogging or indeed that interested in the Web in general. Yes, my bi-annual dose of internet apathy has struck. This morning I find myself, again, unable to sleep and surfing the web looking at nothing in particular. So I decided I should write this post. Not much has changed in the months since the last update.

The biggest thing is that I have once again taken up ten pin bowling. In fact I am close to life best form. I am still using my trusty old Track Black-Gold Stomp and it is doing the business currently. In fact, often it is over reacting. The ancient Ebonite Grey Wolf is not doing enough and I think it is screaming out for final retirement, as such I do not often bring it out of the bag. Unfortunately with the Australian dollar plummeting at the moment it is not a good time to get a replacement. Hopefully, that will rectify soon and I can update my kit.

The garden is going stronger than ever. In terms of the harvestable plants there are strawberries being harvested at the very least weekly. I have several tomato bushes going strong, all have developing fruit. I am very keen to see what the yellow variety brings. The cherry tomato is starting now to bear ripe fruit. There is quite a healthy bunch of carrots, pumpkin, broad beans and beetroot developing. My capsicum and chilli bushes are beginning to flower so with luck there should be a nice crop coming. Finally on the harvestable crops I also have some lebanese cucumber seedlings in the crates.

In terms of the non-fruit bearing plants the White Bird of Paradise (Nicolai) is still yet to produce a flower. Nicolai though is in a well protected (gets windy here) corner of the outdoor area and so with luck will start to produce one of the most anticipated flowers in our garden. The established standard Birds of Paradise (those already in the garden) are producing prolific flowers with a number of double bangers. Makes the working day go quickly when you can look out at the flowers and bird bath. There is always something to see, unless theres one of the neighbourhood moggies on the loose. Yes, even in the new digs there a constant intrusions of the pussy variety in our yard. Thankfully though they are brief incursions, unlike the old place where they camped in our yard.

I also must congratulate socko who has managed to grow some wonderful Sweet Peas from seed. They are very fragrant and their odour is wafting through the room as I type this blog. socko also takes credit for the broad beans and generally managing the garden when I have not had the time or been bothered.

To all those interested in the drip spikes, I never got around to trialling my fixes before winter arrived. Now that summer is here I may pull them out and give it a go this season.

We have also been to the mecca of Australian motor sport, the Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000. We were of course cheering on the Holden driver generally, and for me at least, the Sprint Gas/Tasman team of Jason Richards and Greg Murphy. Richards/Murphy were the consistent and always in the top 3 in practice. In fact Jason Richards became the second quickest around the circuit in history, second only to Greg. Unfortunately Jason did not get it hooked up in qualifying and as a result the grid position was back a little. Due to the grid position, and the fact the car was faster than where it was, led to an altercation with Craig Lowndes/Jamie Whincup tin can with wheels that ended up with damage to the Sprint Gas car, and eventually an early pit stop. This ultimately cost the race win to Lowndes/Whincup in an ugly red/silver F**d. The weekend though was great. It is always good to get away to Bathurst and escape reality for a few days.

Had the pleasure of seeing Greg in person at the motor show the week after. Managed to get his and Rick Kelly’s signature.

Anyway I think that is it for this post. I hope it will not be so long until the next.

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