Goodbye Store Bought Pizza it is Time to Get Fit

Well every year I seem to get this idea into my head to get fit. Last year I did manage to end the year in slightly better shape than at the start, but I am still far from fit. This year I am now determined to achieve the final frontier. As a result when I saw the The Flowers weight loss contest! I could not find a reason not to enter.

So I am in the contest to win a 7 nights stay for 2 in a hotel. Now whilst the prize is attractive it is my goal to use this contest as a crucible to make a true lifestyle change in much the same way that I have embraced gardening. I will be counting on my fiancee to support me in the quest to become fitter for life.

Last night I said goodbye to one of my favourite, but terribly unhealthy, convenience foods. The store bought pizza. I thus tonight consumed my last store bought pizza for the next few months. Even then I made a healthier decision in cooking my own rather than order from a plastic pizza parlour. I decided on a rather nice Papa Guiseppi’s Chicken and Corn. It was scrumptious, but will be the last one I consume for many months.

I assure you that I have a fair chunk of spare blubber to lose at the moment and as from tomorrow I shall be beginning a regular exercise campaign of a walk around the neighbourhood. I will indeed be out smelling the flowers and shedding the spare kilograms.

I am looking forward to the challenge!

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