Christmas is Over … Back to the Garden

Well unless you live under a rock we all know that the Christmas season has been and gone for the year 2007. It amazes me the amount of effort everyone expends on what amounts to half a day. Days, weeks, and months of shopping for gifts and ensuring everyone is covered, including those friends and relatives that are not seen for years on end. Socko and I for example did not sleep Christmas eve and were up cleaning, wrapping and generally preparing for the arrival of the hordes. As it turns out both Brother in Laws and the Sister in Law also had no sleep.

The South Coast crew began driving from Batemans Bay at 02:15 am, an insane time, but an appreciated sacrifice when they arrived at 07:15 am. It was fantastic to see them and spend the day with them. Their sacrifice of sleep and sustenance was much appreciated. The local Brother in Law was up all night wrapping presents. His cooking efforts and selflessness on Christmas day was great. Cooked a great ham amongst other things.

My Mother also gets a special mention with the cooking efforts. We had so much to eat that I am sure most of the desserts did not even get touched. In particular my favourite wine trifle. Traditionally my cousin and I would demolish a large dishful between us. Last year I think I ate about half of it on the day. This year I simply had no room for anything on Christmas day. I though have made a huge dent in it on Boxing Day.

The gifts were insane. It took about 2-3 hours to get through them all. My personal highlights are the iPod Classic (160GB), a much needed and funky Potting Bench, and a Coopers Home Brewing Kit. Looks like I have another hobby, so I am going to see how it goes, who knows this site may become the Beer Brewing Gardening Geek site soon.

The overall highlights on the gift giving was the surprise stunt pulled on the nieces with a bike each from the Brother in Law, a new 7 piece outdoor setting for the South Coast Crew, and a Gomier adult tricycle from Frasers Cycles Taren Point for my Mum. The latter brought my Mother to tears of joy and appreciation. Just the week before she commented to me:

I wonder if I can get my leg over my bike

The bike in question there was a standard two wheel pushbike, though it was a great lead in to the surprise that laid in wait. Unfortunately we will need to go back and have the crank modified to allow my Mum to ride it due to double knee reconstructions restricting the bend my Mum can get in her leg.

Today we have been to the post Christmas sales at Big W and the big kids toy shop Bunnings, yes the curfew was broken again. However, we managed to pick up a truly excellent Talon tools garden kit from Big W in a hard plastic cover for under half its’ original list price. It has pruners, both standard and long handelled, an electric hedge trimmer and several other needed tools. I have also finally found a pair of garden gloves that felt comfortable, so they were also picked up. We also procured a plant fountain. We bought one for the Sister in Law for Christmas and decided that we would also get one. It will be hosting some show ponies to attract bees.

From the big kids toy shop we managed to pick up a stylish black planter for more tomatoes, some bulb mix for some of the 50 Glaidioli bulbs, 4 bags of the Rich Gro Pro Mix, corn seedlings, various tomato seedlings including a Black Russian, seed raising materials, and a lebanese zucchini complete with a developing fruit. I know the zucchini is kind of cheating, but heck you can not look a gift horse in the mouth.

So tomorrow looks like I will be planting and arranging the garden. That is fine with me!

On the growing front, there are another half dozen ebony fire chillis ready for harvest. The Grosse Lisse tomato also is producing, at this stage it is one fruit but its been a struggle to get it doing much at all, so am proud that I have got it going finally. The Beefsteak tomato has about 6 fruits developing, as has the Grape tomato and Cherry tomato. The Cherry tomato has been heavily fruiting in spite of it being about 6 inches tall. I suspect it needs a bigger pot, but am hesistant to move it with the current crop of fruit. Also developing nicely is what is increasingly looking like a heavy crop of Yolo Wonder capsicums. I hope this turns into a monster crop as I will be going stir fry nuts.

The plants actually missed out on watering over Christmas. They did however get a rather generous soaking of worm juice on Christmas eve. They have been watered tonight and will love the drink.

Anyways, I must go and grab some grub, left over Christmas dinner, mmm roast pork roll sounds good!

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